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NEW RELEASE, Twa Corbies

We’re excited to announce the release of our first model for 2012, Twa Corbies.

Twa Corbies is based on artwork from Arthur Rackham’s illustrated edition of Some British Ballads, and is the third of twelve models planned for our fae tree series.  It is a three-part resin model (optional third branch not shown), measures 48mm tall, and comes with a 30mm round base.

Twa Corbies was sculpted by Jody SIEGEL of Imbrian Arts and cast in resin of the highest quality.  The model is comprised of small, delicate parts, and as such is intended for advanced modelers.

Twa Corbies is available now from our online store for just $12.50 USD + $3.00 worldwide shipping.

There is a limited number of casts currently available for this release, but we may produce more based on demand.