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BYLOT, Painted by Anakron

David AYRAL (Anakron) of Anakron Miniatures Studio recently submitted these pictures of his stunning version of Bylot (glennling 1). We’re quite impressed by Anakron’s incredible display of skill, and humbled that he was inspired enough by the piece to bring it to life.  Thank you, Anakron.

Bylot is one of the ghosts from Henry Hudson’s ill-fated crew that haunt the Catskill Mountains in Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle, and is included in our range of characters based on Arthur Rackham’s illustrations for the work.  Bylot was sculpted by Anakron.

On another note, this is the third customer submission we’ve received, and it’s time to start thinking seriously about the gallery we’ve mentioned in our past newsletters.  (Thanks to all who’ve already submitted your work!)  In the meantime, if you have pictures of your painted versions of our models and you’d like to share, do not hesitate to send them to mannikinstudios, admin@.  We’ll be sure to include them in our gallery.

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