Mannikin Studios is the original and exclusive maker of high quality miniatures based on the artwork of Arthur Rackham. For more information, send an email to mannikinstudios.com, info@.

"The Son made a circle, and his Father and he took their places within it, and the little black Mannikin appeared."

mannikin, n.

/ˈmænɪkɪn/ [< Middle Dutch and Dutch mannekijn, manneken little man, little doll; var. of manikin]

1.      A small representation or statue of a human figure.

2.      A little man

Rackham’s illustration for “The King of the Golden Mountain” by the Brothers Grimm and the accompanying caption were the initial inspiration for the Mannikin Studios name.  Mannikin is one of many Anglicized versions of the Dutch word for “little man” (as opposed to the French, which has a related albeit different meaning).  It is a short leap from mannikin to miniatures, and again to the faerie folk that Arthur Rackham helped bring to life in his illustrations of classic tales.